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In order to further enhance the cohesion, combat,power and centripetal force of the staff, enrich their spare time cultural life and better stimulate their enthusiasm for work, we carried out the "Warriors Out, Ride the Waves" HIGHPER group building activity at the end of August. We had a rafting trip in Shou Xian Valley, Wuyishan City.

The scenery was great on the way to our destination. As we got closer to our destination, we became more and more emotional.

We split into two groups and worked together in groups and came up with team names and slogans. One was called Money More and the other was called Money Less.  Some people had water scoops and water guns, during the rafting they would use these as weapons and attack each other. There were a few places where the drop was quite big and it was exciting to float through, it felt like the boat and the people were all in the water. Everyone had a great time.

In the evening, we had a barbecue. Some people sat over there talking, drinking, and eating snacks, while others sat over there playing cards. Our colleagues Qing, Irving, and Jemmy were the chefs for the night. Under their skilled hands, plates of delicious food were prepared. Although it was very hot and sweat was dripping down, they did not shout out of tiredness. We are very grateful to them for working so hard so that we could have a delicious meal!".

In this year's difficult environment, it is the best time for the staff, as the youthful force of the company, to bring into play their courageous, hard-working spirit and youthful enthusiasm. The reunion activity not only improved the cohesion of the company's family, but also boosted the morale of the staff and shouldered the youthful responsibility for the development of the company! The future is promising, let's live up to our youthfulness and shine in our posts with a more optimistic attitude!