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About Us

About Us

Hangzhou Highper Corporation limited

Hangzhou High Per Corporation Limited is China’s leading sports vehicle company with a vision of becoming the world’s most innovative pioneer in the sports vehicle industry.


HIGHER is engaged in the production of ATVs, motorcycles, electric bikes, bicycles, and scooters for children and adolescents, successfully developing in this direction. The products are available in several sporty and tough colors and are equipped with the latest technology. The trendy design will make customers feel the coolest on the block and unstoppable! 


From a small company in 2009, we cooperated with more than 400+ dealers in over 200+ cities and towns spanning many provinces and block regions worldwide by the end of June 2022. For 13 years of hard work, we have won the love and trust of our dealers. The accumulated experience allows us to know how to design products to please both adults and small users. Affordable prices and the personalized, new trendy design for each customer allow us to maintain one of the leading positions on this business track.

We welcome all like-minded partners to become our dealers together, we can create a better future. By choosing “HIGHPER”, you choose reliability, safety ,and convenience. In the face of fierce competition, we are certainly proud of our supply chain and equipment, which is distinguished by its affordability and a variety of models. By choosing “HIGHPER, you get a high-quality supplier for many years!

We provide dealers with a sustainable cooperate model and strong support in after-sales service systems and marketing services.

Becoming a dealer offers a brand-new start for your business and another milestone in your career development. We are confident that our collaboration will contribute to the brand’s sustainable growth and achieve win-win results.


We are looking forward to partnering with you!